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From the complexities of single malt whiskey to Vladimir Putin electing Comrade Trump as President and undermining Democracy in Europe and the Middle East; to the beavers building dams 3 blocks from my Vancouver condo; to Brexit, Syria, Israel-Palestine, Manus Island and well beyond; to The War on Women, Human Rights, Climate Change, pipelines and protests;to the joys of jazz, opera, rhubarb pie and so much more...Miss Myrtle explains it all to you

  • Bombastic, bloviating, bullying buffoons are to be mocked and pilloried

  • To that end, political cartoonists from around the Globe are featured because a picture truly is worth a 1000 words

  • Those who refuse to learn from History, are doomed to repeat it

  • DO NOT be misled by Dezinformatsiya and Fake News. Refuse to be dragged Back To The Gulag!

  • Own your actions, no matter what they are-no passing the buck, ruble or Euro

  • If you must wear boots, make them of the steel-toed variety

  • You get the idea...

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Because a Pic is worth a thousand words

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